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BRKTHRU CREATIVE is a creative agency that serves the GTA in Ontario and the Lower Mainland in BC.  We are focused on creative driven solutions for your business. 

Our brkthru

Our team here at BRKTHRU feeds off curiousity and is driven by creativity. Since 2018, our team has been building purposeful marketing strategies for small – midsize businesses in Canada. With our roots nestled into Ontario, we have settled in our new home in British Columbia (doesn’t mean we can’t serve anyone in between or outside). We break down the walls to understand how your business functions and those who drive it. We take the time to understand your passion to spark the utmost creativity. From this, we are able to find what makes our clients truly unique from the competition. With our team investing into our creative-first approach, our relationships flourish and we truthfully become a member of your team.

Our Foundation

BRKTHRU CREATIVE’s purpose is to break through and find your business’ truth. To break through to find your unique truth is by staying true to the foundation BRKTHRU CREATIVE was built upon.

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Breaking through requires a mind that craves the “Aha!” moment. We are wonderers, we question anything and everything. Our brains are sponges and we embrace the curiosity and channel it into our creativity to produce the most passionate and insightful work.


We cover all angles. With our curious minds comes a high attention to detail. Embracing how our brains function we are always thinking of your business and what are the best ways to break through to your truth and spread the word.

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Honesty is the best policy when it comes to working with passionate human beings. We are humbled to be working with you and that comes with the responsibility to tell you the truth as experts.

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Are you ready to breakthrough to find your unique truth? No project is too small to discuss. No project, say hello anyways! We look forward to talking with you.